• Purpose of the PTF
    • To partner with the SLA faculty and staff for the advancement of the students, school and God’s ministry
  • Impact of the PTF
    • Faculty/Staff—helps them with their daily charge of teaching by sharing this awesome responsibility; assists with the advancement of the school; and provides support/encouragement
    • Parents—helps you to better know the vision and goals of the school and allows you to become involved via numerous volunteer activities
    • Students—helps the students realize the importance of school by following their parents’ example/involvement; research shows that children whose parents are actively involved in their school generally do better in class
  • Who is the PTF
    • All of us are the PTF; every parent, every teacher and every staff member at SLA
  • Needs of the PTF
    • There are numerous opportunities to become involved at SLA. Some include:
      • Volunteering in the classrooms
      • Providing needed expertise, such as computer support, event support, fundraising support, etc.
  • How to Contact the PTF Committee/School

PTF Commitee


Kristen Williams

Vice President

Jill Vaughn


Deena Ellis


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.