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Our school offers a wide range of opportunities.

Even though the school day is over when the bell rings, learning doesn’t stop. Our after-school programs, such as athletics and arts, allow students to try out new things. We also offer daily after-school child care for all grades for only $8 a day.

After-School Programs in Greensboro, North Carolina

Core subjects are vital to our school, but students also need ways to learn by doing. At Shining Light Academy, our sports program is robust, with teams that are forces to be reckoned with. They have won many state titles. Starting in 5th grade, students can try-out for our teams. After-school programs like this help students stay physically fit, learn to work as a team, and get more disciplined by playing games like basketball, volleyball, and soccer. The athletic programs are built around Christ, ensuring the spirit of rivalry is balanced with good behavior and mutual respect.

Because we know how important it is for people to be able to express themselves creatively, our Greensboro, North Carolina school offers a wide range of arts classes taught by highly qualified teachers. Whether your child wants to be a singer, a painter, or a performer, there is a place for them to show what they can do. Our arts classes have won a lot of awards, which shows how good and in-depth the arts education we give is. These programs are offered to all ages via private lesson and school-wide activities.

We stand out because our after-school activities are a good mix of sports and the arts. This means that every student will be able to find a task that fits their unique skills and interests. It’s about making schooling a whole-person experience that takes care of the mind, body, and soul. However, if your student is still finding their niche or waiting to age into these programs, we offer care and support for them in our after-school care program from 3 pm – 6 pm daily and 12 pm – 4 pm on half days.

Support Your Child’s Enrichment Through After-School Programs

Our after-school programs are based on Christian ideals. This gives extracurricular activities a moral and spiritual dimension. Whether it’s athletics or the arts, our programs are made to meet the greatest standards, as our many awards and honors show. Our after-school programs try to impart life skills like discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence. Our after-school programs are not just extras; they are an important part of how we teach. Book a campus tour to come see for yourself.