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Our lessons emphasize critical thinking and foster creativity.

At Shining Light Academy, we offer challenging coursework that fosters students’ sense of accountability and inspires them to pursue academic greatness. The Abeka curriculum, which is well-known for its hands-on approach and emphasis on intense phonics to develop reading abilities, is the main component of our elementary school curriculum.

Academics in Asheboro, North Carolina

Our educators shine in reinforcing academics that develop a child’s critical thinking abilities. By incorporating the Abeka and Bob Jones Press curricula, our teachers give students engaging, and relevant knowledge. This solid foundation pushes students to think independently and communicate ideas in a meaningful way. In our middle and high school grades, the curriculum shifts to resources from Bob Jones Press. The lessons emphasize critical thinking and foster creativity among students. This approach aligns with our educational philosophy, which is to give our students the exposure to academics they need to succeed.

Students engage with traditional subjects such as reading, grammar, vocabulary, math, science, and history. Bible classes are taught in tandem with academics. This imparts universal truths that further develop their learning. The academic framework at our school serving students from Asheboro, North Carolina is distinctive. We are laying a solid educational foundation for our students, and they consistently outperform national and state standardized testing benchmarks.

For parents seeking an exceptional educational journey for their children and one that prepares them for future challenges, we are a supportive partner. We are dedicated to assisting your child in achieving their academic goals. To learn more about our academic offerings and the curricula we utilize, we welcome you to contact us today.

Academics in Greensboro, NC


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