We rely on a practical educational approach.

You want your child to attend a school that abides by a Christian curriculum, with Christian beliefs, values, and principles as a regular and expected part of the teaching and learning process. The main goal of any Christian curriculum is to integrate faith-based teachings with traditional academic subjects to help students understand how their Christian faith applies to the different aspects of character development, knowledge, and life.


At Shining Light Academy, we use Abeka and Bob Jones Press to develop our curriculum. As part of our curriculum, we teach our students to think for themselves by giving them something to think about. Our curriculum teaches universal truths and helps our students develop critical thinking skills that allow them to acquire useful, interesting, and important information.

With this foundation in critical thinking and Christian principles, our students learn how to think and comprehend material in a sensible way, so they can compare ideas and systemize them. The Abeka curriculum focuses on traditional subject matter, and all students will take classes that cover reading, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, literature, history, science, and other core subjects.

Ultimately, our curriculum teaches our students to be strong in their faith and rely on their innate ability to think for themselves and choose the right path forward. For more information about our curriculum and what we teach our students, contact our school in Greensboro, North Carolina today.