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Attending a Christian high school gives your child an experience that caters to both their education and faith.

High school is a crowning achievement of a person’s growing-up years. It’s where you become more comfortable with who you are and learn some algebra. Why is a Christian high school the best place for your child? In addition to getting students ready for college or a job, the goal is to give them a moral and ethical framework based on Christian values. The high school experience combines faith and academics in a way that doesn’t feel forced.

High School in Greensboro, North Carolina

Our high school gives students a structured but flexible setting to explore what they want to do next. Students are urged to ask questions, think critically, and debate as they gain a quality education and build their faith.

At the core of our academics is the Bob Jones Press curriculum, which is known for focusing on critical thinking and creative expression. Graduates of Shining Light Academy want to go to college, begin serving in their local church, and continue developing their relationship with God.

A Christian high school can change your child’s whole life. As parents, you already know that raising your child and putting them in a good school is about getting your child ready for a happy life. If you want more information about our Greensboro, North Carolina high school program, contact us.

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