Private School vs. Public School Settings: What Parents Should Know

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When faced with the decision of enrolling your child in private school vs. public school, it’s important to understand what a private school can offer your child. Here at Shining Light Academy, we offer a learning environment that focuses on individual needs and preferences, giving students greater flexibility in several ways.

Private School vs. Public School Settings: What Parents Should Know

If you’re curious about the benefits our unique setting can offer to your child, here’s what we’d like parents to know:

  • We provide personalized education. When questioning private school vs. private school, the flexibility of our curriculum offers students a more personalized approach. We’re able to update and modify our lesson plans to reflect shifting student needs and industry innovations. This also allows us to offer specialized programs that are tailored to each student’s interests and abilities, as well as extend our curriculum to fifth-year student athletes.
  • Class sizes are smaller. In many instances, private school vs. public school classrooms differ in size, with private schools offering a smaller setting. When there are plenty of teachers available, there’s more room for individualized attention, and teachers will be able to gain a better understanding of each student’s unique learning preferences and strengths.
  • Schedules are adaptable. Our program can accommodate students who wish to take a preparatory year for college before graduating. This gives our student athletes the ability to hone their skills and prepare for higher education while also enjoying the benefits that participating in sports provides, such as improved physical and mental health.

When deciding between private school vs. public school, it’s essential to consider your child’s unique needs and how they may benefit from the amenities a private school can provide. If you’re curious about how our program can help your child, contact us today.