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At Shining Light Academy, we understand how much you care about your student’s education. That’s why so many parents choose to enroll their children in our Christian school: for a faith-based, quality education that emphasizes the spiritual growth of the next generation and challenges them academically. But the benefits your student can derive from our academy don’t end with the end of the school day; we also offer exceptional after-school programs.

Support Your Child’s Enrichment Through After-School Programs


Participating in sports promotes your child’s physical and mental well-being. Being active improves cognitive performance, resulting in better grades and classroom behavior. Plus, sports teach kids how to be part of a team, including how to trust others, respect them, and achieve common goals. Students can try out for sports starting in 5th grade, including:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Cheer


If your student is a creative, our diverse art programs offer excellent opportunities. Singing, playing instruments, acting, and painting allow kids to express themselves, which is incredibly important to their development. Our arts programs are well-rounded. Our school has also earned nearly 50 ribbons in the arts and is proud to have had three national competition representatives, just in the past three years. Our arts programs include:

  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music

After-School Care

Students don’t have to participate in our sports or arts programs to enjoy the benefits of after-school care. Our daily after-school child care is available for all ages at the price of only $8 a day. This program runs from 3 pm to 6 pm on regular days and 12 pm to 4 pm on half days.

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