What Makes Our Private School Different? [infographic]

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One of the most important things you can do for your children is foster their learning and ensure they have a quality education. Enrolling them in a private school that shares your values is an excellent option, and we would love for your child to attend our private school, Shining Light Academy.

What Makes Our Private School Different?

There may be other private schools out there, but we set ourselves apart in a few ways:

  • Faith – The gospel is the foundation of our school, so students benefit from a Christ-centered education. Our educators model Christian values and present subject matter from a Biblical viewpoint, encouraging students to make choices in their lives based on faith.
  • Family – As the ministry of a local independent Baptist church, we cultivate a family-like environment within our campus community and involve students’ families in their education. Our culture is one in which trust and family are prioritized for the good of our students.
  • Curriculum – For elementary students, we primarily use the Abeka curriculum for its focus on practicality and intensive phonics. Middle and high school students benefit from the Bob Jones Press curriculum due to its prioritization of critical thinking and creativity.
  • Arts – Our fine arts programs include art, drama, and music. We encourage students’ artistic creativity, and many have earned art awards while attending our private school.
  • Athletics – Our athletic programs are exceptional, offering volleyball, basketball, and soccer for young women and soccer, basketball, baseball, and golf for young men.

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