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Our faith-based teachings will help your preschooler establish good habits both in the classroom and at home.

Choosing the right preschool for your child is a major decision, as any parent knows. A good preschool education will not only help them set the foundations for a lifelong love of learning but will also play a major role in shaping who they are as a person. If you’re a parent in the Asheboro, North Carolina area looking for a preschool to send your child to, we invite you to come discover all we have to offer here at Shining Light Academy.

Preschool in Asheboro, North Carolina

As a Christian preschool, our goal is not only to set your child up for a successful academic future but also to help guide them along the path toward being a faith-minded person with strong Christian values. Our faith-based teachings will help them establish good habits both in the classroom and at home, reinforcing the values you, as a parent, want to instill in them.

We use the Abeka curriculum for our younger students, which is highly regarded for its emphasis on practical teaching methods and heavy emphasis on phonics and reading. Developing these skills early on sets your child up for continued classroom success, providing the tools they need to thrive in school. We also focus on maintaining small classes and dedicated teachers and staff who can provide the individualized attention your child deserves.

The preschool years are also an incredibly important time in your child’s social development, and we make sure to provide an environment that fosters a wholesome community. Your child will learn valuable social and emotional skills among their peers and grow stronger in their faith alongside like-minded individuals.

To learn more about our preschool program or to inquire about scheduling a tour of our facilities, contact our office today!

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