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Our arts and sports programs are just as strong as our academic curricula.

Christian Academy in Asheboro, North CarolinaYour child’s education should be well-rounded with studies, sports, and arts. You also want to make sure your child attends a school that is a safe place to learn. A Christian academy like ours has benefits that other schools might not offer. Our lessons are based on faith and sharing the Gospel; these ideas are used in every part of learning. With this faith-based approach, your child will learn robust academics and build a keen sense of right and wrong. Our school focuses on creating a unique learning space where academics and faith grow together.

Our arts and sports programs are just as strong as our academic curricula. Our volleyball, basketball, baseball, and soccer teams have won state championships, which shows how dedicated we are to our students’ athletic success. Each child learns sportsmanship, skill building, and teamwork. Our complete arts program allows students to explore and share their creativity through singing, painting, and music. These programs help children tap into their talents and build character in the face of adversity.

We treat our students like part of our extended family because our Christian academy is family-owned and serves those from Asheboro, North Carolina. Our educational programs not only meet state standards, but often go above and beyond. They also meet the general requirements for getting into colleges and universities. Our primary school uses the Abeka curriculum based on firsthand learning and phonics. We use the Bob Jones Press curriculum, which is known for stressing creativity and critical thinking, for middle and high school students. You can contact us to find out why Shining Light Academy is the best Christian academy for your family.

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