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A sense of community is built through shared beliefs and values.

Picking the right school for your child is a big choice that will affect their schooling and who they are as a person. Imagine a school where your child is cared for not only as a student but also as a growing person and where Christian beliefs are integrated into every part of their education. Faith is more than just an idea at a Christian school; it’s a part of every study, from history to science. For them, the Bible is more than just a book; it’s the basis of everything they learn and a moral guide to help make good choices in life.

Christian School in Asheboro, North Carolina

Public schools often focus on measurable results like test scores. At Shining Light Academy, our Christian school focuses on the important but unmeasurable aspects of faith and character while offering excellent academic quality. Through community service, our school encourages students to put their faith into action and helps them live out their values in real life. The competitive and sometimes overwhelming nature of public schools differs from the caring group you can find in Christian schools. A sense of community is built here through shared beliefs and values.

Education covers more than just school topics like algebra and writing essays. Christian schools want to teach their kids important life skills that will help them after they leave school. Students are ready for all of life’s challenges and choices because they are taught to be resilient through a strong faith or to be leaders in a value-centered setting. A Christian school aims to make kids well-rounded people ready to succeed in both their earthly and spiritual lives. We want to show you our one-of-a-kind school serving children from Asheboro, North Carolina. See for yourself what makes our school different. Contact us to set up a tour.

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