Private School Priorities: Academics, Faith, and Character

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Parents make a significant investment in private school education. In doing so, they seek an environment that encourages academic growth, instills values, and builds character. At Shining Light Academy, this educational trifecta is the backbone of our private school.

Private School Priorities: Academics, Faith, and Character

Academics Excellence

For our elementary core, we employ the Abeka curriculum, which is celebrated for its intensive phonics program that lays a strong foundation for literacy. Our middle and high school programs center around the critical thinking approach of the Bob Jones Press curriculum, preparing students for advanced studies and life beyond academics. Our private school faculty consists of highly qualified, committed Christian educators. Their role extends beyond imparting knowledge; they help shape the intellect and faith of our students.

Faith-Based Education

At our private school, faith permeates every aspect of the student experience. The principles of Christianity are woven into every subject, allowing students to unveil the layers of wisdom and spirituality present in academic pursuits. This holistic approach fosters a unified worldview, where faith and reason create well-rounded individuals. Chapel services, prayer groups, and scripture studies provide spiritual enrichment, while service projects, mission trips, and outreach initiatives instill a sense of global citizenship and compassion in our students.

Character Development

Our private school offers a variety of leadership and personal development activities that equip students with the tools to assert themselves in a rapidly evolving world. Our students are given the responsibility and trust to lead and inspire others. Young minds are encouraged to develop their moral compass, making decisions rooted in integrity and honesty. Community service and volunteerism enrich our students’ academic journey.

Choosing a private school is an important decision, one that reflects your values and aspirations for your child. We want to be your partner, guiding your child toward academic achievement, spiritual fulfillment, and ethical discernment. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.