Christian Middle School, Greensboro, NC

Support your child by enrolling them in our Christian middle school today.

There is no part of raising children that is easy, but if most parents had to pick out the most challenging period, it is likely that they would highlight the middle school years. Hormone level changes, final growth spurts intensify, and emotional turmoil is common. Middle schoolers want more freedom and find themselves with more responsibility than before. One way to support your child during this important time of his or her life is to consider enrolling them in our Christian middle school located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Christian Middle School in Greensboro, North Carolina

At Shining Light Academy, we are different on purpose, and here are a few of the differences you can expect at our Christian middle school:

  • Christ-centered: We believe that the shaping of your child’s moral character is just as important as teaching them facts. Students participate in regular chapel services, where they can join faculty, staff, and other students participating in Christ-centered worship. Our Christian values inform all the subjects we teach, and we interweave Biblical wisdom into every educational experience.
  • Curriculum: We primarily use the Bob Jones Press curriculum for our middle school instruction. Our experienced and qualified teachers don’t just blindly follow this curriculum, though. They are able to leverage our smaller class sizes to build real, meaningful relationships with each student and use their knowledge of student interest and learning style to personalize instruction for each individual.
  • Community: When the going gets tough, community is even more important. We believe that our nurturing environment creates a safe space for students to experience emotional turmoil and other hardships while still staying committed to their Christian values and further developing their relationship with God.

Our Christian middle school is a place where your child’s mind and emotional resilience can be formed and strengthened. Call us today to learn more or to schedule a campus tour.