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As a private elementary school, we prioritize academic excellence firmly rooted in Christian values.

Education is paramount to the future success of your child, and their early school experiences will shape how they feel about education in general. As a private elementary school, we prioritize academic excellence firmly rooted in Christian values.

Private Elementary School in Greensboro, North Carolina

At Shining Light Academy, we are different on purpose, and here are some of the ways we stand apart as a private elementary school:

  • Curriculum: We use the Abeka curriculum, which is renowned for both its emphasis on excellent education and its Christian perspective. Its developers are both experienced teachers and Christian leaders. Our own certified teachers are able to use this curriculum and tailor it to personalize learning for each child’s unique needs.
  • Christ-centered: A Christian approach informs every subject we teach. We strive to create a Christ-centered, peaceful learning environment based on the infallible Word of God, using the King James version of the Bible. Moral and spiritual growth are just as important to us as academics.
  • Class size: Because we are committed to building relationships with each student and individualizing instruction, we intentionally keep class sizes small, especially at the elementary level. We want students to feel comfortable participating in class discussions and for them to experience an interactive, dynamic learning environment.
  • Chapel Services: Part of our mission is modeling the fervent love of Christ. With regular chapel services for all students, we build community and fellowship with all the faculty, staff, and students.

What Makes Our Private School Different? [infographic]

If you are looking for a private elementary school for your child in Greensboro, North Carolina, we want you to know that we are committed to your child’s all-around development, so reach out to us today to get your questions answered and schedule your tour of our campus.

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