Christian Elementary School, Asheboro, NC

Our teachers earn the trust of their students.

Our teachers are a critical part of our mission at Shining Light Academy. Their credentials show they are committed to teaching your child core curricula and Christian ideals. The well-known Abeka curriculum is the first step toward academic and moral success. It is designed to provide a Christian worldview and a great educational experience. The Abeka materials were created by Christian leaders who are also experienced teachers. They perfectly match our goals, letting us focus on academic success while staying true to our Christian beliefs.

Christian Elementary School, Greensboro, NC

Our success is fueled by the fact that teachers at our Christian elementary have years of classroom experience. Our teachers do more than teach the standard curriculum; because our classes are smaller, they can get to know each child. They find out each student’s skills and weaknesses and then make lessons that focus on those things. This helps students learn more and feel less frustrated. With this one-on-one method, teachers can meet each student where they are and help them reach their full potential. Our teachers earn the trust of their students by building strong relationships with them. This makes our Christian elementary school classrooms lively and interactive. Students find them to be a place where they can learn while feeling safe and encouraged.

As a Christian elementary school for children in the Asheboro, North Carolina area, putting Christ at the center of everything we do is important. All our students are welcome to attend our daily chapel services. These services honor our deep love for Christ and the way the Bible teaches us to praise him. Our kids grow academically and spiritually with God at the center of this peaceful learning space. Contact us if you want to learn more about how a Christian elementary school like ours can have influence in your child’s life. Please set up a campus tour to see how we can help.

Christian Elementary School in Greensboro, NC